Patient Resources

Patient registration

Prior to your first appointment at The Eye Health Centre, our team will email or text you a link to complete our patient registration form online. Alternatively, please let our reception team know if you would prefer to complete this in person at the time of your appointment.

If your details change in the future, for instance, your Medicare card expires, you move house or change GPs, please make sure to let our reception team know at your next appointment.

Privacy and financial consent

To provide comprehensive and collaborative eye care, our team will collect and utilise your personal information. The Eye Health Centre’s Privacy and Financial Consent can be found here.

Referral Information

I’ve got a referral to The Eye Health Centre, what happens now?

Please email us your referral or phone your nearest Eye Health Centre location to discuss your referral and organise an appointment Contact Us.

My GP/optometrist said they would send a referral to The Eye Health Centre. What happens now?

Our reception team will phone you to discuss any queries and offer you an appointment.

Please allow some time for your referring doctor or optometrist to process and send their referral to our rooms.

For urgent referrals or appointments, please phone 07 3831 8606 (or your nearest Eye Health Centre).

Please note, our reception team may contact you from a silent number.


Why do I need a referral?

It is a Medicare requirement that we submit the details of a referral for you to receive a rebate towards your appointment.

Please see FAQs below regarding coverage or rebates from your private health fund.

Who can refer me to TEHC?

Your local optometrist or GP can refer you to The Eye Health Centre. Medicare stipulates that these referrals will expire after 12 months.

Another specialist or ophthalmologist can also refer you. These referrals are valid for 3 months.

Appointment Information

What to expect at your first appointment?

At your appointment, one of our clinical optometrists or registered nurses will perform a thorough workup and diagnostic imaging.

Following this, you will have a consult with the doctor to discuss diagnoses and treatment options.

Medicate eye drops may be used to dilate your pupils. This will blur your vision for approximately 4-5 hours. It is not advisable to drive during that period.

Please allow approximately two to three hours for your appointment. Our reception team can provide more information regarding timings, if required.

If you wear contact lenses, please advise the reception team as soon as possible. Depending on lens type, contact lenses may need to be removed a few weeks prior to your appointment for accurate measurements.

Appointment Fees

Please be advised that The Eye Health Centre is a private billing practice.

Please note, fees are associated with diagnostic imaging performed by the optometrists and nurses prior to seeing the doctor.

Some tests may not receive a Medicare rebate. Where a Medicare rebate is possible, this will be processed through the online portal at the time of payment.

Please contact our reception team for an estimate of fees for your appointment.

Parking at our sites

Spring Hill

  • First Parking | 67 Astor Tce
    Entrance: 1 Cousins Street, Spring Hill. Ask Reception about a discount voucher to reduce your parking costs. Wickham Terrace is accessible via the lift to ground level and passageway through Silverton Place.
  • Brisbane City Council Wickham Terrace Car Park 1
    This car park is located on Wickham Terrace itself.
    Automatic pay stations are available on Levels 2 and 4, and cash payment is accepted at the pay station on Level 4
  • Street Parking
    There are many Brisbane City Council street parks around this area.


  • Our Aspley practice is located at the Fountain Shopping Centre, this centre has free parking up to 2 hours.


  • Our Wynnum practice has free carparking, also surrounded by ample street parks.


  • Our Booval practice has free carparking, located just past the red mailbox. There are also ample street parks.
  • Please note that parking availability and rates may vary, so it is recommended to check the specific details and current rates on the respective websites or contact the parking facilities directly for the most up-to-date information.

Surgery Information

What will my eye surgery cost?
  • Following your appointment with the surgeon and confirmation of your diagnosis and associated treatment plan, our team of surgical coordinators will be onsite to provide you with an estimate of fees.
  • Our Surgical Coordinators can also provide you with the relevant item numbers to confirm your level of coverage with your health fund.
  • Surgical procedures may include multiple components to be aware of, such as, the surgeons’ fee, the anaesthetists’ fee, day-hospital admission fees, prosthesis fees, and pre- & post-operative eye drops or treatment.
Why can’t I have a quote for surgery prior to my appt?

The Eye Health Centre surgeons prioritise bespoke outcomes and individualised treatment. Therefore, we are only able to provide accurate surgical fee information following your appointment with your surgeon and planning your treatment, customised to your specific needs & lifestyle.

What if I’m Uninsured?
  • Private health funds typically contribute towards the surgeons’ fee, the anaesthetists’ fee, day-hospital admission fees, and prosthesis fees.
  • Your Surgical Coordinator can discuss alternative surgical pathways and associated out-of-pocket estimates.
  • Please note, most procedures have a Medicare item number and qualify for associated rebates.
Where will I have my surgery?
  • The Eye Health Centre surgeons operate at various locations across Southeast Queensland. Your Surgical Coordinator will discuss with you which day-hospital is convenient for you.
  • Please note, each doctor does not perform surgery at all of the below locations.

Brisbane CBD

    • Brisbane Day Surgery
    • Eye Tech Day Surgery Spring Hill

North Brisbane

    • Chermside Day Hospital
    • Moreton Day Hospital

South Brisbane

    • Eye Tech Day Surgery Mount Gravatt


    • St Andrews Ipswich Private Hospital
    • Ipswich Day Hospital
    I live rurally
    • The Eye Health Centre accepts referrals from regional and interstate patients.
    • Please phone our team to discuss how we assist with an appointment that suits your travel arrangements.
    • The Eye Health Centre also participates in the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme (PTSS). Information about the PTSS can be found below.
    • Our Surgical Coordinators are eager to collaborate with you to optimise the efficiency of your trip where they can. When feasible, we can arrange both your pre-operative appointment and surgery admission in a single visit. (Please note, this is not possible for all procedures where prostheses are custom made or repeat pre-operative measurements are required).


    How long will my appointment with the ophthalmologist take?

    Appointments with our ophthalmologists take 1 – 2 hours. This includes the workup, diagnostic imaging, measurements, and consultation or treatment with the doctor.

    Will I be able to drive following my appointment with the ophthalmologist?

    To perform a comprehensive examination, dilation drops may be required. These drops will blur your vision for approximately 4-5 hours.  It is not advisable to drive during that period.

    Will my private health fund pay towards my appt?

    No, private health funds do not contribute towards appointments with the ophthalmologist. Please talk with our Surgical Coordinators at your appointment about health fund contributions for surgery.

    Can I wear contact lenses prior or to my appointment?

    No. Please phone reception to discuss contact lens wear prior to your appointment. Contact lenses, if worn prior, may distort measurements and diagnostic images.

    I had scans performed at my local optometrist; can you use those?

    All Eye Health Centre locations are equipped with a variety of diagnostic equipment. Your optometrist will forward any relevant scans as part of your referral; however, to establish a diagnosis or treatment plan, additional diagnostic images or repeat scans may be required.

    Can I go to any Eye Health Centre location?

    Yes, you are welcome to attend an appointment and subsequent reviews at any Eye Health Centre. We collaborate across all of our Eye Health Centre locations.

    Do you dispense glasses?

    No, we do not offer glasses. We also suggest getting your spectacle prescription examined by your local optometrist, where there will be an opportunity to select suitable frames.

    Important links

    Medicare will reduce your out-of-pocket expenses when you spend a certain amount during a single calendar year.

    For more information:

    Medicare Safety Nets - Services Australia

    Our reception team will lodge a claim to Medicare on your behalf, at the time of your appointment. Your medicare rebate will be deposited into the bank account you have nominated with Medicare.

    For information about how to check if Medicare has your bank account details:

    Getting Medicare benefits - Medicare - Services Australia

    Patients living in rural areas who need to travel for specialist care may be eligible for government support. For more information, please visit the below link and discuss the PTSS with your GP or local hospital:


    Patients attending an appointment with us are required to bring and complete Form C – Appointment Attendance.