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CASA Aviation Medicine in Brisbane, Booval, Wynnum, & Aspley

Good color vision, depth perception and contrast sensitivity are also important qualities for pilots.

At The Eye Health Centre, we are closely attuned to the eye care needs of pilots as well as other professionals in the aviation industry. Dr Andrew Apel and Dr John Hogden are Designated Aviation Ophthalmologists (DAO) for the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), and underwent post-graduate training in aviation, which qualifies them to provide eye examination services for pilots, air traffic controllers and individuals applying for aviation licenses. Our clinical optometrists, Jason Holland and Phuc Ngo, are both CASA-credentialed optometrists. We are pleased to do our part to ensure safety for both pilots and the public by providing excellent clinical assessment and care.

Where our CASA Doctors Practice

Dr Hogden is available for civil aviation medical exams at our Aspley, Brisbane and Wynnum locations, and Dr Apel is available at our Brisbane and Booval locations. Mr Holland practices at our Brisbane location and Mr Ngo practices at our Booval location.

Ensuring Pilot Visual Health

Aviation Vision Care in Brisbane, Booval, Wynnum, & AspleyA pilot’s general health and welfare are looked at closely when determining whether he or she is fit to fly. Pilots must meet the highest standards of sight, whether uncorrected or corrected with glasses or contacts. Pilots must be able to switch focus clearly, adapt to low or poor lighting conditions and face challenges like blind spots and areas with few visual references. They need excellent color vision, as information in the cockpit is often conveyed using color.

To ensure they are fit to fly, pilots need to undergo ocular examinations as part of their initial aviation medical certification and ongoing licensing requirements. At The Eye Health Centre, we have an in-depth understanding of visual requirements and common ocular health issues in the aviation field. We are experienced and equipped to look after the eye care needs of recreational and commercial pilots as well as air traffic controllers, who also need crystal clear vision.

What to Expect At Your Aviation Medical Examination

If you are a pilot or air traffic controller who requires ocular examination as part of your medical certification, you are invited to see Dr Apel, Dr Hogden, Jason Holland or Phuc Ngo for CASA-approved testing. As a pilot or air traffic controller, your aviation medical examination is something that needs to be done well. Your job depends on it! Our eye examiners are extremely well-versed in the process and will attend to all of your eye care needs in a warm, welcoming environment.

What to Bring to Your Exam

Aviation Eye Exams in Brisbane, Booval, Wynnum, & AspleyPlease bring any prescription glasses or contact lenses to your evaluation, as well as a list of any medications you currently take. When you call to make your appointment, our office staff can answer any questions you have about the examination.

As part of your assessment, expect to have your pupils dilated, which will temporarily make your eyes more glare-sensitive and can blur vision for a few hours. Bring a pair of sunglasses and arrange for someone to drive you home immediately after your appointment, as outside light makes it difficult to drive.

Schedule an Aviation Eye Exam at The Eye Health Centre

To request an appointment for a CASA aviation medical examination with our team, please reach out to The Eye Health Centre today. We look forward to helping you.