Corneal Transplantation

Dr Apel performs all methods of corneal transplantation including full thickness transplantation. The operation is a day procedure and takes around 1 hour, but patients are usually at the Hospital for about 3 hours. A Full-thickness graft operation involves removing a circle of the cornea. A donor cornea of similar size and thickness is then attached to the remaining rim of the cornea using zigzag running stitches.

A Descemets Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (DMEK) procedure is used when full thickness transplantation is not required. This advanced surgical procedure involves replacing only the diseased portion of the cornea with similar healthy donor corneal tissue, resulting in fewer complications and more efficient use of precious donor material. This procedure is used whenever possible, as there is little risk of rejection, faster healing, and quicker visual recovery following surgery. A DMEK procedure is particularly relevant in patients with Fuch’s Dystrophy and patients who have had rejection with past corneal transplants.