World Glaucoma Week 11th-18th March

Today marks the start of World Glaucoma Week 2018! With as many as 50% of Australians with Glaucoma currently undiagnosed, Dr Andrew Apel and the team at The Eye Health Centre encourage you to have regular eye health checks to assess your optic nerve health, and screen for Glaucoma. The World Glaucoma Week campaign aims to raise awareness about Glaucoma.

Dr Andrew Apel is leading the way in new surgical interventions for Glaucoma, utilising both the iStent® and CyPass® Micro Stent implants. These devices are used in minimally invasive surgery and are designed to reduce intra-ocular pressure. They can minimise or eliminate the need for pressure lowering eye drops to treat Glaucoma and are a revolutionary new treatment option for Glaucoma patients.