Our Optometrist James giving back sight in Papua New Guinea

When our very own Optometrist, James Fuss, volunteered his services in Papua New Guinea he was able to give sight back to many including a local father called Nico in Ora Bay.

When James met first met Nico, he was squinting and had very low visual quality.

It seemed Nico was in pain, but James soon came to realise that the squinting was Nico’s way of trying to overcome the haze that veiled his eyes, he was desperately trying to focus his vision.

At 30 years of age, Nico’s whole world is blurry. He has a wife, a six year-old son and a job at New Britain Palm Oil that is limited to very simple tasks.

As James begins to assess Nico’s eyes, he finds that Nico had a cataract removed from his right eye a few years ago, but no new lens was inserted into the eye. In his left eye, he is blind from a previous condition.

The good news is, Nico’s eyesight can easily be improved with a pair of very strong glasses.

James fits Nico’s face with a trial frame and begins test his refraction. As a +8 lens slips over Nico’s eye, he stops squinting and his face immediately begins to relax; he can see!

Nico says to James, “this is the one!”

A pair of +8.75 glasses is found for Nico and fitted on to his face. He is smiling and pointing to landmarks in the distance. He begins to share how happy he is – a whole new world has opened up around him.

Nico shakes James’ hand, and thanks him for the glasses.

The patient who walked in squinting an hour ago, walked out with a smile on his face and his eyes wide open – Nico had transformed.

You can help people like Nico by donating both prescription and reading glasses to YWAM Medical Ships’ optometry team. Your simple pair of pre-loved glasses can change lives, just like Nico’s!