Ophthalmologist education and development

Dr Andrew Apel is committed to the education and development of both trainee ophthalmologists and his colleagues in the general medical profession. As Chair of the Qualification and Education Committee, Dr Apel is responsible for training and teaching registrar ophthalmologists. Due to Dr Apel’s surgical expertise and exceptional clinical outcomes, he is also regularly invited to speak to other Ophthalmologists to share insights and tips into advancing clinical care and surgical approaches.

Over the weekend, Dr Andrew Apel was invited to speak at a GP Education Conference on ‘Assessing and Managing Visual Impairment Caused by Cataract’. Many patients find themselves having their first discussion regarding reduced vision caused by cataract with their General Practitioner.

By aiding GP’s in preliminary assessment and management of these patients, we can better streamline the referral pathway for patients, maximising time and cost benefits to the patient. This also ensures the best clinical outcome possible is achieved for all patients.