Eye Case of the Week

Eye Case of the Week



What is the cause of the corneal lesion in these two different patients?



Two different herpes simplex keratitis patients in the same week!

Both presented with a classic epithelial herpetic dendrite

#1: First presentation, two weeks history of a sore left eye. Seen GP, treated with antibiotic eye drops and no improvement.

#2: The patient decided to stop oral valtrex but continue steroid eye drops.



Aciclovir 3% 5x/day (Brand name: Zovirax or Acivision). Zovirax is in short supply but Acivision is readily available.

Plus, prophylactic antibiotic coverage, Chlorsig qid.

Alternatively, you could liaise their GP or an Ophthalmologist for a prescription for oral anti virals such as Valtrex 500mg tid for one week.

The Eye Health Centre - Eye Case of the Week

The Eye Health Centre - Eye Case of the Week