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Case of the Week 

Photo 1

Patient presented to us with crusty and telangiectasia along the lid margin. Patient also having Blepharitis along the lid margin as well as Rosacea as well as red nose tip and minor blood vessels along the patients cheek.

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Photo 2
Infiltrate, with localised Corneal Oedema and cells underneath the infiltrate.  There is a clear separation/margin between the infiltrate and limbal vessels.

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Diagnosis and Management:

Marginal Keratitis

Treat the infiltrate first with Chlorsiq QID and FML QID. Lid hygiene with Lid & Lash or Occusoft wipes to treat the Blepharatis.

Long-term management: Daily hot compress and lid hygiene (Lid and Lash wipes or Occusoft cleaner). Also look at treating rosacea as well long term.