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32 year old male presents with a right sore and irritated eye upon blinking. He reports the symptoms after using a grinding machine at work ~1 week ago.

What is the cause?

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Answer: Rust ring due to a metallic foreign body

Ferrous particles in situ for even a few hours can cause rust staining of the bed of the abrasion.

Removal of a rust ring is performed by:
1. Instil 1 drop of topical anaesthetic (e.g Alcaine, Oxybuprocaine eyedrops)
2. Determine the position and depth of rust ring with a slit lamp.
3. Use a sterile 25 gauge needle or a sterile burr to removal the rust ring.
4. Prescribe topical antibiotic for prophylactic cover and lubricants to promote corneal healing.

If a corneal foreign body is not removed, there is a significant risk of secondary infection and corneal ulceration.